The API for employment data in LatAm

Palenca gives you access to the personal information, the profile and the earnings of any worker with a single click.

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What they say about us

sergio repartidor uber eats

"Thanks to Palenca, now we can validate the earnings, the ratings and the trips of Uber Drivers that apply for a car loan. The best part: they can apply with a single click."

Renata, Kavak

jose axel rappitendero

"Palenca has flexible plans to launch and test credit products. Moreover, they have the best coverage of the Gig Economy, from Uber to Didi Food and a great customer support."

Alex, Crecy

Enrique conductor uber

"Palenca has multiple connexions with Gig Economy platforms that helped us to validate earnings from our users without needing to have a partnership with those companies. We could also check in real time the performance of each worker."

Jose Carlos, Vech

Use Cases

Check income and work status

Get an exhaustive vision of historical earnings and obtain updates in real time of your users

Validate identity and behavior

Perform background checks and review the history of your users in their previous jobs

Deposit switch

Increase the deposits of your bank accounts by changing the account in which your users receive their money

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